By Poonam Chand

Umarkot: A female farmer who has been freed from a private jail at Umarkot is also contesting for the election this time. Lalee Kolhi is contesting election from PS-52 Umarkot against former Chief Minister Sindh and a landlord Arbab Ghulam Raheem.

Lalee Kolhi is a female farmer who resides in the Kisaan Colony at Umarkot. She said that there is a lot of poverty in the area and people have been voting for these landlords but they have not solved the problems of the people. Lalee Kolhi has been going door to door and visiting different markets for her election campaigns. The residents of Kisaan Colony are hopeful that Lalee Kolhi will emerge victorious in the elections.  

Lalee Kolhi has used earthen pot (Matka) as her symbol. She believes that this symbol signifies the hardships which women face in the area and those who travel to far flung areas with this pot in their hands in order to get water in it.

Even if Lalee Kolhi doesn’t win the upcoming elections, she has still become an symbol of empowerment for the women who has the courage to stand up against the powerful and influential people of the area. 


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