Jhang: Using religion to gain votes

Although election commission has strictly prohibited the asking for votes in name of religion, but this practice continues to prevail, so much so that even some spiritual figures are being used to score political points.


Javed Yasin from constituency PP-82 has put up a picture of Najeeb Sultan on his poster, which gives an impression that the candidate is his disciple, and therefore other disciples should vote Javed Yasin.

Jhang: Problems due to disorderly advertisement

Some traffic issues are turning up due to humungous banners and billboards along Jhang’s roads. Posters of candidates from the constituency PP-78 and those of Ahmed Ludhianvi, from NDA, NA-89 are pasted in such a way at Baab Umar Gate, that it is causing nuisance for the people. This is clearly a violation of code of conduct.

Gujrat: Electricity poles serving as fashion models

Electric poles in Gujrat have been set up with posters and political advertisements, by virtually every major political party. Not only is it dangerous, it is a violation of ECP’s CoC.


Swat: Attempt to trim down women votes

The turnout of female voters is conventionally low in Swat. To make things worse this time, a local Jirga in Swat has decreed that no female should cast vote in any of the two polling stations. The Jirga may be influenced by religious parties, which in turn sways the balance in favor of these parties.

Gujrat:  Advertisement on Government offices

Political posters have been slapped on the walls of government facilities. The image below cites that the supporters of PPP have their posters on the Wapda Complaint center in Shaheen Chowk – constituency NA 105.