Political activities are seen becoming rampant as the election date is nearing. There is an increased focus on election campaigns and meetings.  The political campaigns have in turn started an all encompassing effort in order to get more and more votes. While there is a much needed stress on making the elections free, fair and transparent, it is also important to note that  not only has the number of violence related incidents accelerated but also have resulted in loss of lives just last week.

Targeting politicians and election candidates are seen on the rise especially at KPK and Baluchistan. In view of the same, former ANP senator, Dawood Khan was injured following a firing incident which happened at the gathering of PB-21 candidate Engineer Zamruk Achakzai at Bacha Khan Markaz, Killa Abdullah District. According to reports, Dawood Khan has injury in shoulder due to the incident and is seeking treatment.

Election campaigners are seen resorting to different methods in order to lure supporters. On one hand, they are seen distributing gifts and money to the supporters as in NA-40, Haji Bismillah Khan, father of an influential independent candidate Shaukat Ullah Khan, distributed solar batteries as well as electric transformers among voters. The candidates are also seen spending a large sum of money on food items in order to garner as much support from the party workers.

Violation in terms of code of conduct is also seen in the posters especially of Tehreek e Labbaik (TLP) who have attached religious connotations in their posters. There have been multiple reports of violations done at Tharparkar district which were provided by our citizen journalists working in the region. Most violations were done by the union council and district government bodies by rendering their support to the political campaigns especially of PPP. According to the reports, they have been issued show cause notices.

Another violation has been reported by MQM party workers who have transformed their women development office as an election cell and have also cancelled the training classes held for women till the elections.

Overall, out of 18 reports filed, 13 cases fall under the violation of code of conduct rubric and 6 under physical harms since a lot of clashes are on the rise between the supporters of different parties.



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