Swat: Khwendo Tolana and other women rights organizations in Swat met Musarrat Qadeem in the DC office. A number of issues, including the decisions of different local jirgas to bar women from voting, were discussed.

swat meeting

Kandhkot: Jamat-e-Islami uses Al-Khidmat ambulances, fitted with loud speakers, to carry out its election campaign in Kandhkot.


As part of the election campaign, Raja Khan Jakhrani’s supporters put up a tent on the Civil Hospital Road in Dastgir Colony. Army personnel later removed the tent from the site.

People in Thal city protest against the decision to change the location of polling stations. The polling stations were shifted to a new site, allegedly on the demands of local PPP leaders. The protestors claim that this move has been made to ensure rigging during elections.

PML-F, PPP posters, displayed along the Main Bazaar Road, are larger than the size allowed by ECP.