As the Election Day is one week away, election related activities are gaining momentum by each influx. At a daily basis, reports of violations done or political gatherings held are increasingly becoming inherent. It is observed that both the political activities and violations are going parallel to one another and has a direct relation to each other.  Some politicians are even seen providing services to the people of the constituency such as providing water tankers and doing carpeting of roads in order to get votes.

Inflammatory speeches are on the rise as politicians and electoral candidates are seen motivating their supporters in order to vote for them however they do not refrain from derogatory and miscreant language that is not only viewed badly in the election campaigns but also in general as well. Ayaz Sadiq, PML-N candidate was seen engaging in loose talk regarding the voters from Punjab who will vote for PTI and used the term in Urdu that translates to “disgraceful” for them. This comes following the speech of Pervaiz Khattak, former Chief Minister and PTI leader who used extremely foul speech for supporters of PPP. The inflammatory speeches have been viral and condemned on social media and the vast reach causes a debate on daily basis over the use of language by our political representatives.

Stories from our citizen journalists working in Tharparkar and Bahawalpur echoed misbehavior and physical harms done to the supporters of a political party. A report by a citizen journalist at Bahawalpur stated that the PTI women workers are being assaulted by the PML-N party workers and they do that in order to intimidate the workers.

In an age where citizens have become aware about their voting rights, freedom is still seen as a restraining factor. In view of the same, the citizens at Mohmand Agency said that they demand a separate female polling booth stations so that the females of the area are allowed to cast their votes.

Violence related incidents are on the rise with the nearing of day of election and many politicians and candidates are seen being targeted. Today, Former federal minister and PML-N leader Sheikh Aftab was came under attack in Attock when armed men opened fire on his vehicle when he was returning from Kamra after attending a corner meeting. According to sources, Sheikh Aftab’s security was withdrawn a week ago by the authorities however they have been informed about the incident.


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