MARDAN: In the PK-27 provincial constituency of Mardan, the turnout at the women’s polling stations had been unusually low all day. There had been rumours circulating in the area of the existence of an agreement between all contesting candidates in the constituency under which women voters will be actively discouraged from voting. Although, evidence of this agreement has not yet come to light, its effects can be seen all over the constituency.

PakVotes field monitor has managed to get his hands on an agreement between polling agents at the polling station at Government Primary School, Shah Butt Khel, Umarabad. According to this agreement, no women will be allowed to cast their votes at the polling station and all polling agents have agreed that they will not pursue any legal action against this violation of ECP Code of Conduct.  As a result of this no votes have been polled at this station.


All three agents in Government Primary School, Shah Butt Khel, Umarabad, have reached the joint decision that women wouldn’t be allowed to cast their votes and that no one will take any legal action over this

Candidates Agents Signature
Jamshed Khan Mahmand Amjad Ali <Signed>
Zakaullah Khan Qari Farman <Signed>
Fazl Rabbai Advocate Ibn-e-Ameen <Signed>


Presiding Officer,

Bashir Ahmed


Dated: 22/08/2013