On the day of election, violence was reported in a number of polling stations around NA-235. A total of 34 polling stations in the area reported more than a 100% voter turnout. The polling stations which registered above 100% voter turnout include those in Phulao, Tar Jessro, Jaafrao, Pitaho, Niyan, Banko Chanyo, Mou Thakur and Yousif Chanyo.


PML-F is the chief party that is able to assert its political muscle and it is also the party that was involved in rigging. According to a polling stations staff member, Mr. Allah Bachayo Hingoro, the presiding officer Dr Saleem Bhatti was seen casting votes for PML-F on his own, putting in as much as 678 votes.

At the other hand, the PPP candidate Shazia Marri has decided to go to election tribunal after the PML-F candidate won. Even during voting, PPP supporters attacked a number of polling stations and violence broke out between the two parties. But thankfully, no major losses occured on either side. There are also reports that many polling agents have been kidnapped by PML-F in the white desert area.