According to the figure given by Election Commission of Pakistan, a total of 6319 overseas Pakistanis have registered to give their votes in the upcoming by-elections.

The registrations for the overseas Pakistanis had been on-going since 1st September, 2018 and the deadline had been extended till 17th September, 2018. However, a lukewarm response has been given to the I-Vote scheme and not many overseas Pakistanis have registered themselves as voters.

According to sources, a total of 9965 overseas Pakistanis accessed the website and created accounts but only 6319 are registered as voters. 

There had been many apprehensions related to data security and privacy while promoting the I-Vote system however it was decided that the overseas Pakistanis will be given the right to vote.

The voting on the vacant constituencies will be done on 14th October,2018. 

The article was originally published in The Nation and can be accessed at:

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