Violation of code of conduct was still seen in major incidents of the day in terms of analysis of posters hung of major parties in Karachi or the distribution of money amongst the people by the candidates of PML-N. Many candidates of political parties are also seen threatening their voters and supporters and resorting to abuses for those who will not cast vote for them. One such incident happened at Dadu where Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) NA 234 and PS 83 candidate Aziz Junejo was seen misbehaving with the voters of his constituency. He had also reportedly hurled abusive language for the voters who will cast votes for those contesting against him. He told the voters that those in opposition do not respect anyone.

A clash broke out between the supporters of PML-N and PTI at an election hall at Sialkot which resulted in five injuries. The police said that the supporters assaulted each other that resulted in injuries. It is also known that the PTI workers broke the equipment including windows of the office. In a similar incident, GDA workers supposedly attacked PPP workers including females in Larkana.

As the elections are just one day away, pre poll rigging has been noted already. In one incident in Umarkot, five suspects were arrested for hiding the ballot papers in a jeep which were to be delivered to PS-52 constituency. Similarly, a large number of CNIC’s were found in a drain in Shafiqabad area at Lahore. According to the report, the CNIC’s were found in the constituency where PTI is contesting and PTI has lodged a complaint to investigate the incident. These acts are connected with pre poll rigging and activities done to hamper the transparent process of electioneering.

The deadline for all the political campaigns have also passed however Jamaat-e-Islami’s Siraj ul Haq violated the rules and held a political gathering on Tuesday morning. Such violations have been consistent through the monitoring process and it will be interesting to see how the Election Day unfolds tomorrow.

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