Tank:¬†JUI-F chief, Maulana Fazlur-Rehman has stated that Imran Khan has proved to be a poor father and a poor husband, and this is enough to show that is not capable of leading the nation. He was speaking at a with his party delegates and local leaders in Tank. At the occasion, a notable local leader Sardar Ikramullah Khan’s close aide, Umar Khattab announced that he’s joining JUI-F. He claimed that the people wouldn’t tolerate if PTI decided to side with the recommendations of NGOs in amending the academic syllabus. He further stated that even if the entire Goldsmith empire was spent on KPK, it would be futile in eliminating the religious beliefs of the local people.

He called PTI’s leaders useless and cited that due to the inactivity of the CM, the masses continue to face countless problems. Eulogizing his own party, he stated that after the by-elections PTI will be finally defeated and ousted from the power in KPK. In the end, he claimed that JUI-F has become the nightmare of the Goldsmith lobby and that the masses will rout out the enemies of Islam on the fateful day of August 22.