As per the directions of the Peshawar High Court, re-polling will occur in the following 19 polling stations of the NA-27 constituency:

  1. Pahar khel thall (two centre)
  2. GMS Landi Mir Salm
  3. GPS Kotka Fateh Khan
  4. GPS Bakhmal Ahmad Zai
  5. GHS Khan Khel
  6. Basic health unit Bachkan Ahmad Zai
  7. GMS Madati Nikah
  8. GPS Nar Hakim Khan
  9. GPS 2 Takhti khel
  10. GPS Bana Manjiwala
  11. Basic health unit Mandan Manjiwala
  12. GGPS Nar Akbar khan
  13. Basic health unit Shgi Meromela
  14. GPS Bargi
  15. GGMS Harama tala
  16. GPS Langer khel Pacca
  17. GPS sheri khel
  18. GMS kundal chowni
  19. Basic health unit langer hati khan

The PHC had ordered re-polling in these polling stations after turnout was unbelievably low on by-elections day. Evidence had come to the fore confirming that women were actively barred from polling.