General Election in Pakistan is one of the largest events that encourages public on large scale to interact on personal or mass level through different means of communications. It is when people often make and break their opinions with every wheeling and dealing by political parties and individuals contesting the elections.

At the same time, constituencies are holding their representatives accountable for transparency in governance, ignored demands and unfulfilled pledges, and previous performance vis-à-vis legislation.

The election activity brings an exciting opportunity for media and journalists to report on different aspects of electioneering including constituency dynamics, issues, demands, electable, violation of the electoral code of conduct, unscrupulous political scheming, activities of polling day, results and many more. Therefore, it was important to compile this manual which will guide citizen journalists and professional journalists alike during the entire election season, including, pre-elections, polling day and post-elections.

The manual can be accessed on following link:


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