Courtesy: Balochistan Voices

The provincial cabinets have been announced for all four provinces and it is quite astonishing that no female and minority has given any visible post in the cabinet of KP and Balochistan.

The 15-member cabinet in KP has named all male members for different ministries. They have also not included any minority member. Same is the case for Balochistan which has announced a 10-member cabinet which includes all male members and no female and minority community given representation.

In Punjab, the 23-member cabinet includes only one female, Dr. Yasmin Rashid for Primary and Secondary Healthcare/Specialized Healthcare and Medication Education Ministry. No minority member has been included in the Punjab government as well.

The 8-member cabinet of Sindh including two advisors is the only one to include both minority member and female despite its low number. The two female members in the cabinet include Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho for the Health and Population Welfare Ministry and Shehla Raza for Women Development. Seth Hariram Kishorilal is the only Hindu minority member elected from the Sindh cabinet for Minorities Affair, Social Welfare and Prisons.

The omission of women and minority members in prominent cabinets have ignited a debate on social media and have garnered criticism for disregarding inclusion. 

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