keep calm and lets vote


Send a SMS with your CNIC (no spaces) to 8300 and obtain Polling Station details (Mobile networks may be shut in some parts of the country on Election Day).

Note down these details for your entire family on paper.

Visit the polling station to know the exact location.

Prepare your “Personal Kit” (Water bottle, Cap/Dupatta/Umbrella, Wet tissue, hand towel, collapsible fan or cardboard, biscuits/chewing gum, regular medication).

Fuel your personal transport.

Recharge your phone both credit and battery.

Prepare an Emergency Numbers sheet and place in your “Personal Kit”

Know the nearest emergency clinic/hospital to your Polling Station and Verify it during your check of the Polling Station.

Scout the area for a “Safe Location – Assembly Point” that can be used as a gathering point in an emergency and ensure all family members know that location.

Ensure food items for the weekend are stocked.


Ensure complete protection from the Heat:

  • The neck and head must be protected at all times when out in the sun.
  • Expected Temperatures  KHI 37C, LHR 39C, ISB 33C, QTA 28C, PEW 33C, FSD 40C

Carry your personal kit.

Be cautious and park your vehicle well away from the Polling Station.

Identify visually to all the pre-planned “Safe Location – Assembly Point” where you can gather in case of an emergency.

Do NOT handover your CNIC to any stranger even if they are genuinely helping you.

Do NOT carry items you don’t need (credit cards, debit cards, other valuable items).

Crowded places are hunting grounds for pick-pockets therefore secure your belongings.

If there’s a hint of unrest, ensure you and your family is secure and leaves through safest route.

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