arti-shahab-taliban (2)

When I see my country and its people going for the bloodiest election of their history;

When I see lawyers strewing rose petals on a murderer;

When I see mobs rampage, killing, burning and looting minorities in the name of religion;

When I see Taliban trying to bring chaos and anarchy, to impose their version of Shariah on everyone and to establish caliphate with mayhem bought with bombs;

When I see the only hope residing in the natural ignorance of our masses,  uneducated, illiterate, shabby people from rural Pakistan, who can never fit  into any state ruled by some tyrannical ideology;

When I see governments too slow to take action against hooligans;

When I see the connivance of leaders in the witch hunting pogroms;

When I see the philistinism, opportunism, selfishness and myopia of the Pakistani urban middle class;

When I see Pakistanis still seeking justification for democracy from Ulema;

When I see corruption of the PPP glossed over with silly villainous smiles;

When I see people hoping against hope that Imran Khan can negotiate peace on their behalf with people who threaten him merely for playing music in his election rallies;

When I see young Pakistanis showing blind enthusiasm for Imran Khan merely because he looks modern and he sounds anti-imperialistic;

When I see people forgetting the fact that even Musharraf looked and sounded very modern and posed as Ataturk, and yet could present no solution for the menace of terrorism, and kept shilly-shallying and dilly dallying on the question, and ran with the hare and hunted with the hound;

When I see people worried more about the proverbial corruption of politicians than the corruption of generals and the corruption of crazy clerics;

When I see people donating money and valuables (to calm their guilty consciences) to the mushrooming seminaries;

When I see people donating sacrificial animal skins to people who would soon come back to skin them for even their minor sins;

When I see the majority secretly in love with Taliban’s version of Islam or at least superstitiously reverential towards it;

When I see the appeasement of terrorists from all kinds of parties and factions in my country;

When I see the mutual acrimoniousness of PMLN, PPP and PTI;

When I see their supporters exchanging the choicest of obscenities with each other with total abandon;

When I see the tigers of Punjab too cowed down by the terror to even condemn it;

When I hear the gentle tigers of Punjab requesting to be spared the wrath of the terrorists;

When I hear that ANP is not going to get the victimhood vote because of its past corruption;

When I hear about the extortionist and fascist tendencies of a party like MQM;

When I see fear in the eyes of the proud Pushtunsof KPK;

When I hear our army chief pontificating on the subtle nuances of ideology of Pakistan and thereby further confusing the hapless bloody civilians as to the difference between the Army’s Jihad and the terrorist Jihad, adding fuel to fire and insult to injury;

When I see all state institutions infiltrated by Jamaat-e-Islamiideologues and opportunists;

When I hear Munawwar Hassan exhorting liberals to get themselves registered as minorities;

When I see the liberals of Pakistan deeply perplexed about their right choice for voting, when I see them looking for lesser evils and not finding even those so-called lesser evils;

When I see one institution empowered at the expense of all others;

When I see teachers turning into preachers to hide their incompetence and ineptitude;

When I see the universities issuing substandard and fake PhDs;

When I see the future generations being raised on the novels of NasimHijazi, Umaira Ahmed and the like;

When I see soldiers becoming real estate agents;

When I see states within the state, the DHAs, the Cantonments, and the enclaves of the rich and mighty;

When I see some people trying to extinguish the fire of puritan faith with the explosive liquid of superstition and obscurantist mysticism;

When I see all this curriculum of hatred and nostalgia for the past glories of other nations;

When I see people wearing the cloak of piety to mask their inner void and the corruption of their souls;

When I see the clueless and rudderless amoebic young demographic bulge of our population;

When I see the narcissism of Pakistani mind;

When I see the shallow burger-ism pitted against profoundly ignorant barbarianism;

When I see such interchange of hypocrisies, or hypocrisy itself confounded to decay;

I feel Pakistan deserves, and is ripe for a Taliban takeover.