by Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

Colonial powers such as Pakistan make laws to justify their occupation, and to exploit the resources of the colonized by hiding behind the obscuring veil of the state and elections.

The Indian National Congress took part in elections under an electoral framework formulated by the British Empire. According to Abdul Kalam Azad, the President of the Congress, all Congress ministers would work under the influence of British governors, and would adopt policies dictated by those governors, as a result of these elections. Is it not true that wherever colonials formulate laws, they aim to legitimize their exploitation and plunder under the shadow of those very laws?

The same thing has been happening in our Baloch land since 1948. The whole nation has been taken hostage, in exchange for a small share of state power for a small group of individuals (and that, too not at the state’s highest levels) . In order to protect and sustain this small privileged group, elections will be held in occupied Balochistan–with the help of extensive force.

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