By Zaghum Mirza

Voting is a fundamental right of every citizen. With time, people have become more and more aware about it. However, the situation in Jalalpur Bhattian is different as the women of that area are still not allowed to vote and face many hindrances. In villages Kot Ghaazi Kurd and Kot Ghaazi Kulaan which falls under constituency of NA-87 and PP-69, women still face oppression and have to seek permission of the elders.



Local residents of Jalalpur Bhattian are not in favor of women casting votes and they are not granting permission to their women to exercise their right to vote. The men of that area said that being male, we have to honor the decision of our elders and therefore we will not allow women to cast vote. 



This is an alarming situation as this is prevalent not only in the tribal areas of Pakistan but it is also seen in Punjab. Women not voting in a constituency can account to a low voter turnout and subsequently cancelling of the votes in the constituency as 10% of women voter representation is needed.

In a similar case the women of Mohri Pur, a village in Punjab, where women were not allowed to vote in the previous election have vowed to stand up to the patriarchal system and cast votes for the first time.

It will thus be interesting to see the women of Jalalpur Bhattian to stand up to the system until the mindset of the people there changes. 


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